Jair Salvador Alvarez

Jair Salvador Alvarez


Mr. Kropka (aka J.S.F.A.) is in his thirties, temporarily lives between Norway, Italy and Slovenia. He is a scriptwriter for cinema and television, at least according to his degree from the Menéndez Pelayo University of Valencia, Spain.

In recent years, he has been specializing in and writing about international animation. Since 2013 he has curated, organized and produced various animation events around the world. In addition, he organized the European distribution circuit of the Mexican Animasivo Festival alongside other individual screenings in cultural centres, achieving for several festivals to work together for the sake of the big passion that unites them all – animation. The festivals he has cooperated with include Etiuda&Anima, Animateka, Animasivo, Opla and Stoptrik. Mr. Kropka also writes for Achtungmag and Zipyframes.

It is perhaps this independent and outside-the-rules spirit that made him seriously consider founding ReAnima, the first international animated film festival in Bergen, Norway, which was a success last September.

Films at Animateka

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