Letter to Animateka

Dear, Animateka!


You’ve outdone yourself this year, as everyone could see at the special opening screening. Not just because of the extra sponsors, but also because of the even greater number of films you offer, the greater number of guest authors, accompanying events and film premieres.

The opening of the children’s portion of the festival served up the winners of the already concluded Long Live Animation competition. This was followed by the Slovenian premiere of The Boy and the World, an animated film which won the Cristal Award for Best Feature Film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The film takes a classic, yet scintillating approach to informing its audience about human rights violations in its home country of Brazil. We follow the story of Cuca, a boy in search of his father. Before leaving in search of work, he leaves his son with a melody – the film’s main theme which leaves you humming long after the feature is over. The film uses a colourful but simple animation technique, which – in addition to the melody – is the film’s main asset.


tl_files/diary/dnevnik 2014/Re-Cycling.jpg

The official opening of the festival also had quite a bit to offer. We had the opportunity to see the premiere of Re-cycling, an excellent international project, hear a witty opening speech and films made by three jury members accompanied by their personal story. The films were excellently paired. The lively little bird, giving into temptation, went unexpectedly well with a sombre Columbian-style cemetery and the incredible story about a whale in a park.


tl_files/diary/dnevnik 2014/aki smile.jpg

Dear Animateka, this year you truly gave us a rich tapestry of events. The children among us, “burdened” with having to go to school in the mornings, missed afternoon repeat screenings of the Elephant in Competition programme. The festival atmosphere is truly filled with smiles, which we all caught looking at Aki’s little drawings.


Here’s wishing you’ll be with us for years to come,



Lovro Smrekar

Translation: Jernej Pribošič

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