Animation Production Workshop

As the only bloke ... well, boy on the team (this is how I was introduced on Facebook) I have to write down a few lines about the animation production workshop, which took place in Tobačna before the festival started. It was run by the animator you all know, Kolja Saksida, and assistant mentor Brina Fekonja. The result of the workshop will be screened at the closing event on Saturday. The film was named by the lead character, Sesalkor.


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But let’s start at the beginning.


The participants, all four of us (aged 8 to 12), had met in Tobačna a week before the workshop began in order to start developing our idea. The only plot that was already there was a story about a boy called Sesalkor, who had once cleaned the Earth’s air with his vacuum cleaner. I contributed the idea to present the story as a TV news report.

Last Monday we got to work. We chose the technique most commonly used in workshops: collage – cutting out characters and backgrounds. Kolja was constantly telling us to hurry up, saying we had very little time. We had 25 hours in 5 days. At first I thought he was exaggerating, but towards the end it turned out I was wrong.


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On Monday we worked out the final touches of the plot, and set about making the set and the characters. The backgrounds were finished by Wednesday, but the first takes were dona on Monday, as well. Before shooting the scenes with dialogue, we also recorded the sounds, which Kolja imported into a software. There we could also see how many images we needed. Then we focused on animation. This is a long, tedious process, “delightful slavery” as I have read somewhere, but cannot remember who said it (I think it was Norman McLaren, but I am not sure).

We used two photo cameras, and needed 25 images to make 1 second of the film. We divided the tasks so that one moved the characters and objects on the left-hand side of the set, while another one worked on the right-hand side and operated the camera. We captured image by image.


tl_files/diary/dnevnik 2014/delavnica4.jpg

We worked one extra hour (26 hours altogether) to finish the filming. Postproduction was later done by Kolja. Despite the rush, I hope on Saturday, at the closing event, you like what you see.


You are all warmly welcome to come to the screening of the film!


Lovro Smrekar

Translation: Maja Ropret

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