Animateka’s 11: Tess Martin

Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. Her films have displayed in galleries as well as at festivals worldwide. She is a member of SEAT, Seattle Experimental Animation Team, a collective of independent animators, and curates touring programs and animation events.


1. How would you describe Animateka in three words?

Igor, independent, animation.

2. Describe your ideal movie night.

I don't really watch a ton of movies anymore. I tend to watch more long form television series. So, right now a movie night would mean watching two episodes of the Wire with my housemates. If we're doing movie night, it would probably be a Michel Gondry film, with some wine.

3. If you could invite any person for a cup of coffee, who would you choose?

Oliver Sacks.

4. Favourite female director?

Lynn Shelton. She's a Seattle director, who just did a film called Laggies in America, but it was called Say When in England, with Keira Knightley. And a lot of her movies are very laid back and almost improvisational, so it would be her stuff. Well, if we’re doing animators, Caroline Leaf is one of my heroes; I really like Emily Hubley’s work, John and Faith Hubley’s daughter. And I like their work too.


tl_files/diary/dnevnik 2014/13 Red_Hands1.jpg

5. Colour or black-and-white films?


6. Your favourite brand of beer?

Leffe, Belgian beer.

7. Your favourite animation technique?

Uh that’s a hard one for me. I have been really into paint on glass and stuff like that, but I also like cut-outs and sand, I would say flat, frame by frame techniques.

8. What do you think the future of the animated film will be?

Well, I think there will be a lot more, even than there are now, computer animated films, and I think that, hopefully, there will be more independent animated features, so I hope there will be people who will make features as well as shorts. And often, when computer animation techniques go up, hand-made techniques go up as well, as a response to that, so they become popular again.

9. Your most recognisable character trait?


10. What frightens you the most?


11. Who would direct/make a film about your life?

Michel Gondry.


Anja Banko, Petra Meterc

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