Like every year around this time, Animateka released the eleventh strain of a virus known as Animatekitis felicis from its magical bag, infecting the gray and cold December days with warmth and a fairytale atmosphere.


During this year's festival, your eye is sure to catch two infectious features. The first is the “happy Aki smile”, created by the festival’s resident artist and Drawaholic, Akinori Oishi. The second is a limitless supply of animated films, divided into different omnibuses and making up this year’s retrospective. A smile and (limitless) cooperation. No edition of Animateka would be complete without them.




This year, Animateka will once again go hand in hand with the Festival Diary, which will capture the flighty spirit of the Animated Film Festival using letters, words, sentences, essays, songs, diaries, compositions, reviews, introspections, impressions, interviews, podcasts and more.

A special team of Writeaholics will keep you up to date from behind the trenches of Animateka’s “smile front”. In the spirit of this year’s main theme – cooperation –, we at the Festival Diary have joined forces with the sharp minds behind the “Animated Forms” Contemporary Performing Arts Seminar, organised by the the Maska Performing Arts Journal and the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. In other words, you have plenty of reasons to follow us.


Welcome one and all to Animateka’s intertextual heart, its Festival Diary pages!


Ana Šturm

Translation: Jernej Pribošič

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